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Terra Drone brings proven UAS solutions to India with Terra Drone India

Terra Drone IndiaTerra Drone Corporation, a leading global commercial drone technology company, has ventured into the Indian market with the establishment of Terra Drone India. With its headquarters in Japan and presence in all continents except Antarctica, Terra Drone is one of the largest UAV companies in the world. Its associate company, Terra Drone India, is uniquely primed to leverage this global expertise and offer localized drone solutions to both the public and the private sector in India.

Terra Drone India’s core areas of specialization include agriculture, energy, urban development and management, defence, water, security, mining, infrastructure, forest, utilities, and disaster management. Its customer-centric industrial drone solutions make use of a multitude of sensors, such as visual, multispectral, thermal, LiDAR, and hyperspectral, and offer a complete UAV ecosystem to help clients plan, collect, and process the data. And with an in-house drone research and development cum manufacturing unit, Terra Drone India supports the Government of India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative as well.

India’s immense potential for commercial drone technologies is an open secret. With the industry value of drones in the country slated to reach $885.7 million by 2021, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has recently made it legal to fly commercial drones in India. The government is also actively looking to legalize beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) missions and drone deliveries, apart from seeking solutions to improve airspace safety and management in India.

Terra Drone India is not only poised to facilitate the Indian government’s initiatives wholly, but the company’s strategic partnership with Belgium-based UAS traffic management solutions provider Unifly could also play an important role in the Indian UAV ecosystem.

Terra Drone Corporation CEO Toru Tokushige says, “As one of the fastest growing UAS markets in the world, India is set to benefit from drone inspection, monitoring, and surveying in various domains. The establishment of our Indian associate company is a testimonial of our faith in India’s drone market potential.”

Prateek Srivastava, CEO of Terra Drone India, adds, “Being a part of one of the world’s largest UAV companies, we have the unique advantage of bringing those solutions to India that have already been tried and tested at a global level and are known for their efficiency and reliability. By using these proven core technologies to develop customized industrial drone solutions for the Indian market, we can help both public and private organizations to attain their goals swiftly.”

Polu Sreedhar, COO, Terra Drone India, concludes, “The state governments in India are especially buoyant about using drones to add value to their infrastructure and governance projects. Government departments realize how UAVs can increase their efficiency and productivity, reduce risks, and lead to cost savings as well.”