Providing Innovative Industrial Solutions From The Sky!

We are an end to end solutions provider in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle space. Specializing in providing customized solutions based on customer needs, we aim to provide the latest state-of-the-art technology for “Make in India” Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and a complete UAV ecosystem to help plan, collect and process data.

Our story

Emerging as one of the first 100% indigenous UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) companies, Terra Drone India Pvt. Ltd. deals with UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Engineering, GIS (Geographic Information System) Solutions, Videography and Software Development.

Our Team

Our team brings a broad wealth of knowledge and experience about our industry. Your business can benefit from this.

Prateek CEO

Sreedhar COO

Yuki Director - BD

Nikita Director - HR

Anand VP - GIS & LiDAR

Vipul AGM - Sales & BD

Ankur AGM - Sales & BD

Wasim Sr. Mgr - Sales & BD

Ankit Project Mgr

Manohar Sr. Mgr - OPS

Nimai Sr. Mgr - LiDAR & GIS

Amrit Mgr - OPS

Marcia Asst. Mgr - BD

Baisali Asst. Mgr - BD

Genu Asst. Mgr - LiDAR & GIS

Srimanta Asst. Mgr - LiDAR & GIS

Vinod UAV Design Engineer

Nitai Sr. Analyst - LiDAR & GIS

Jitendra Sr. Analyst - LiDAR & GIS

Sandithya Sr. Analyst - LiDAR & GIS

Jareena Sr. Analyst - GIS

Anusha GIS Analyst

Akshay GIS Analyst

Samkith BD Executive

Snehal GIS Executive

Narsing Accounts Executive

Nimisha Admin - Executive

Anil UAV Pilot

Srinath UAV Pilot

Mohan UAV Pilot

Ajay UAV Pilot

Sajeev UAV Pilot

Prabharan UAV Pilot

Shubham GIS Intern

Debanjana GIS Intern

With more than 200 man years of enriched experience and the latest state-of-the art technology, we are UAS Technocrats, ready to revolutionize the Indian skies.

We are here to build a complete UAV ecosystem, data-intelligence centers, useful Web & Mobile Apps along with providing Professional Training for a brighter tomorrow.