Terra Products

Govern the skies with the state of the art UAVs and sensors created by Terra Drone to attain your goals!

Terra Wing

Dedicated Survey-Grade Tailor-Made Fixed Wing UAS

Terra SLAM

World’s First Drone Solution for Underground Mines

Terra LiDAR System

Turnkey Multi-Antenna GNSS LiDAR System

Our UAV Flight Process

Our Sensors

We have a sensor for your every project requirement, completely compatible with all our Aerial Platforms.

Our Software

We make software that makes a difference. Providing you with
a superior digital experience, rest assured to receive excellent results to leverage your business

UAV Software

We hand – hold you through every steps of your project:

  • Plan
  • Monitor
  • Process
  • Analyze

Customized Software

We build software solutions to help you do the following:

  • Visualize
  • Manage
  • Connect

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