UAV Software


Supported on desktop, tablet as well as mobile, easily create flight plans by either importing areas of interest (AOI) you already have defined in shapefiles, by simply providing coordinates of the area of interest or by drawing it in the software on the map.


During UAV flight, we facilitate real-time monitoring of the flight on-field and even remotely off field. Also avail of the following:

  • Land Now
  • Emergency Descent
  • Go To Loiter


Process your data in our cloud-based UAV Data Processing Software and get georectified outputs in actionable, GIS-ready formats. Get your first level of outputs such as Orthomosaic, Point Cloud, 3D Mesh and Digital Surface Model.


Once your first level of outputs are ready, use our UAV Data Analysis Software to produce meaningful, analytical outputs according to the scope of the project.

IoT Software

System integration software

With our System Integration software, connect your cell phones, laptops, PCs and other devices to experience a UNIFIED workflow.

Middleware development

Create a bond joining the different pieces of your workflow together and access our API for physical layer communication.

User interface

Visualize the data from all your IoT devices in a user friendly and interactive environment. Obtain relevant updates and analytics to never miss any development make timely decisions.

Web & Mobile App Development

Web & Mobile App Development


Enhance the digital experience and create a immersive visual experience with our powerful web-based softwares that are well structured with the best programming practices and guidelines.


Manage your workflows with top-notch implementation of carefuly engineered mobile applications.Specialising on rich user experience and interface, we build robust applications that cater to various business models.


Perfect the web design by seamlessly blending your business goals with the user experience. With exceptional interactive design, connect with the users to deliver the information effortlessly.


ROR, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Responsive Website, Web Analytics


Native iOS, Native Android, Hybrid Apps Mobile Analysis, Mobile, Strategy API Integration


User Experience design, Wireframing, Interaction design, UI and visual design, Information architecture, Prototyping

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